Saturday, May 31, 2003

Socially Acceptable Bigotry Only Against Republicans?

Supposedly a lot of conservatives are reading this to loud shouts, or perhaps grunts, of approval.

Willy Stern tries hard to convince readers that bigotry against Republicans is the only socially acceptable bigotry left.

Bull Shit.

Three points -

One - Republicanism is a voluntary condition of the privileged. He brings this up but dismisses it with invalid and poor comparisons.

Two - I feel like Senator Santorum feels about gays, if Republicans never commit Republican acts, they are God's lovable creatures. If they do commit Republican acts then they are damned to Hell and good people should recognize that.

One - I hear much more bigotry against Democrats here in Texas. This bigotry is also often linked with bigotry against minorities. The DeLay plan, and a national GOP plan, is to link Democrats with minorities. This is what the Texas redistricting map was all about. The common story here and through the South, and a lot of the North when I was there, is that no sensible white person votes Democratic.

With "Democrat" joining "liberal" as a cuss word word I guess we could have expected some kind of spin/slam that people are prejudiced against Republicans .

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