Saturday, January 13, 2007

Digby: "Urban Legend"

The administration does not know what words mean,
what it is talking about,
is saber rattling at Syria and Iran,
is preparing for attacks on these countries,
does not know the consequences of actions,
or all of the above.

Go ahead and read all of Hullaballoo preceding this while you are at it. Disturbing times, reminds me of Nixon wandering the halls of the White House talking to pictures of Presidents.

News: GOP bill requires Congress's OK on Iran

U.S. policies have made Israel less safe, Israeli experts say

Captain Smash hasn't gotten the message: Our service and our friends' deaths mean nothing unless we escalate onward to victory. I think there are several mistaken assumptions in his opinion.

It's Informal War Day: The President plots secret moves against Syria and Iran without Congressional consent. It's Casual Friday! Bush is beginning a war with Syria and Iran the way you would put on a pair of pants.

Conservative military analyst Cordesman, whose military equipment numbers I sometimes use, disects the President's speech - it ain't pretty.

Media Matters:
To supporters of the president's latest plan, the media should ask, among other questions, the following: "The administration's last 'Strategy for Victory,' released late 2005, which you supported, didn't work so well. How could the administration have been so wrong? How can you be sure they -- and you -- aren't wrong again? Why should we trust your judgment?"
"The good news: Last night President Bush admitted he'd made some mistakes in Iraq. The bad news: he's planning on making the same mistakes again." --Jay Leno....

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