Sunday, January 28, 2007

The government we support

As I have said since the current Iraqi government was installed, we are supporting building a new Iran in Iraq, a new religious Muslim state. The Shiite radical Muslims dominate the government, the politicians, the Interior Ministry, and the Iraq security forces.

I see, and foresaw, no way to prevent this.

Do conservatives, often religious fundamentalists themselves, think there is a way of keeping the fundamentalists out of power in an Iraqi democracy? Or perhaps they think there is some magic secret of putting a strongman ruler in power in Baghdad who will throttle and put down enemies of the United States and Israel, out of the headlines of the American media, because he needs our support? After the example of the last American strongman who filled that role, the Shah of Iran, being overthrown by the people lead by religious fundamentalists, it is hard to see an American strongman in Iraq lasting long at all.

So the best case scenario in Iraq -- what we achieve in the extremely unlikely circumstance that we accomplish our current, stated goals -- is to strengthen a government dominated by Shiite death squads and/or Iran.
All of those who advocated this administration pursuing this war for the trumped up reasons they gave have a great deal of repenting they still have to go through.

ADDED: Robert Kagan, one of those advocates for this war and now the person whose plan the administration is advocating for Iraq, has his own Grand Delusion. He ignores that this new "battle for Baghdad" was previously tried by our military only to be cancelled after two months because it did not work. He ignores the several previous American military surges in Iraq that would turn the corner as the insurgency was on its "last throes." This is more of the same, not a new policy "to fight the insurgency as it has not been fought since the war began" - The Big Lie. His policy does not address the fundamental fact that radical Shiites are in control in Iraq and they want the American occupiers out.

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Anonymous said...

None of this is any kind of mystery. See: "Iraq in Talks With Chevron", Exxon 25 Jan 2007 in the Houston Chron. The article SHOULD be entitled: "Texas Oilmen talk (under the disguise of Iraqi "government") to themselves."