Monday, January 29, 2007

Iraq - hopeless - endgame

It has unraveled so quickly - TNYT. Sad stories that add to what Riverbend at Baghdad Burning has been telling liberals for years - the radicals are in control, moderates in hiding or leaving, and death stalks the streets.

The CIA's Iraqi blogger is mainly useful for telling us when and where military operations are starting. They will start showcasing the new "Battle for Baghdad" next week. Watch for the new colorful logos on TV.

There was a big battle around Najaf. There are major conflicting reports of who shot which multi-ethnic group composed of which groups. Ignoring that big battle, Iraq was otherwise a bloody hellhole.

When Parade Magazine informs its readers that we can't expect help from Pakistan in Afghanistan because their secret service arms and supports the Taliban with the support of their president, correctly, the gang of idiots in Washington have lost control of the American mass media which had functioned as their war propaganda arm. Some personality update Parade!

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