Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Someone Favorited Me

Took me a long time to realize it but virushead did it on technorati. I like her websites too.
To the extent that there are still distinctions to be made between the political parties, I think the right wing feels most comfortable with language games these days. They employ (and I mean employ) rhetoric in two modes - I call them the hammer and the weasel. Unfortunately, these fly rather well with a large segment of our population.

As a culture, we don’t seem to be able to become more sophisticated in our interpretive abilities. It’s bad for us as a nation, very bad, because we all need interpretive tools and the inclination to use them. Unfortunately, our culture has been dumbing down for a while - and that’s everyone’s fault, everyone’s.

I haven’t given up. Commercials give us practice, and Americans do smell mendacity… sooner or later.

Bloggers can make a difference. Become the media.
There is a virushead.com graphics group in Japan so she uses virushead.net.

I don't know the two other fans either.

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Awww... thanks for the mention!