Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Sad for my country today

In Houston wearing an anti-Nazi pin brings out the Nazi sympathiser comments but they don't consider it sympathizing with Nazis, just supporting conservative GOP values. "I’ve noticed when I’m talking to parents at my daughter’s school’s pick-up and other mundane places that glances at my pin spark comment. Not about it, but usually in support of Trump. I’ve gotten remarks about the horrors of a $15 minimum wage, socialized medicine, the dangers of various Muslims, stuff about Hillary Clinton’s emails, and on and on and ad infinitum." It is like they feel accused of being one of the bad guys and feel the need to defend themselves. In their hearts, they know they are the bad guys.

Outside Atlanta, a Black family was celebrating a kid's birthday with a party in a park. Over a dozen hooligans decided to have some fun terrorizing the family by hurling racial insults and threats while driving by with big Confederate flags. Some had guns. They had no idea that was illegal. They found out with long prison sentences for aggravated assault, terroristic threats and street gang terrorism for some.

Trump announced a plan for a large increase in the military budget, which means big cuts in programs that actually help people. The opposition that gets reported is from those who think he is not going far enough in his increase. Trump will have to break the law to pass the military budget increase but that is fine with him.

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