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Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Texas Progressive Alliance Blog News For Feb 20.

The Texas Progressive Alliance will light a scented candle outside Ikea in solidarity with the confused people of Sweden as it brings you this week's roundup.

Off the Kuff thinks that many opportunities to make gains in 2018 will exist for Texas Democrats, and they should plan accordingly.

Libby Shaw at Daily Kos is amused by the Republicans hiding from their constituents. No wonder. The Party has been serving the interests of billionaires and oligarchs for decades, both domestic and Russian, apparently. No Republicans we are not about to move on. This is more dangerous than Watergate.

John Coby at Bay Area Houston supports Lillie Schechter for Chair of the Harris County Democratic Party.

The last few months have been perplexing, as we try to figure out life on the Trump train. UGH. But as Texas Leftist points out, some things are slowly coming into focus. After seeming to be free from consequences, we're finally seeing that the President and his Administration can be held accountable for their actions.

SocraticGadfly, on hearing about the death of Norma Jean McCorvey of Roe v. Wade fame, offers an extended take on her, the plaintiff in a simultaneous suit, and the state of abortion in America today.

Shadetree psychologist PDiddie at Brains and Eggs diagnoses President Trump as in desperate need of an intervention.

Easter Lemming Liberal News showcases Pat Van Houte's grassroots campaign (website) for Pasadena mayor which relies on small donations and prohibits donations from city contractors.

CouldBeTrue of South Texas Chisme warns that the disrespect the Republicans show are constitution is only getting worse. Now they want to actually write their hate and kleptocracy into the document, itself.

Neil at All People Have Value made note of the climate change art exhibit made by the construction crew on Memorial Drive in Houston. APHV is part of NeilAquino.com.


And here are some posts of interest from other Texas blogs.

Grits for Breakfast explains why indigent defense costs have risen as crime has declined.

The Texas Election Law Blog analyzes two significant election-related bills that have been filed.

Paradise in Hell notes that Dear Leader Trump is now 0.00002% closer to proving his claims about election fraud.

Raj Mankad wants to see multiple approaches taken to make our streets safer.

Julie Rovner takes a deep dive into four GOP talking points on health care.

Raise Your Hand Texas explains why voucher advocates are becoming irritable.

Eater Houston notes that several Houston restaurants will be raising money for the ACLU in support of their immigrant employees.

Sunday, February 19, 2017

Pat Van Houte For Pasadena Texas Mayor

Pasadena, Texas has long have bad government. One of the main problems is the influence of city contractors. The city contractors pour tens of thousands into the mayoral campaigns and are richly rewarded by the mayor for doing so.

Pat Van Houte was elected at-large city councilperson two years ago and has been persuaded to run for mayor. She has never taken money from city contractors and has been a consistent opponent of the present mayor. She has always run with small donations and constant block-walking since her first winning campaign for her local council seat. She now block-walks the entire city. She block-walks many times a week all year even after she is elected to get feedback from citizens and sent local problems to the action line.

She is the best candidate running in Pasadena and will be a huge change from how the mayor's office has been run. As an at-large council member who was elected two years ago she is favored, except for the money the city contractors will throw into supporting the Republican candidates, particularly the one who makes it into the runoff. This will be an interesting race.

Pat Van Houte For Mayor website.

Here is an article from The Pasadena Citizen, that was picked up by the AP, on the major candidates. There were two more last minute entries who have not held elected office before.

Notice - I am currently in charge of social media and Internet for the Pat Van Houte Campaign.

Thursday, October 20, 2016

Rants on Facebook - 1

John N Smith

 -1 This was not a private conversation but on a tour bus with others and it was recorded because both men were wearing mikes because there was a possibility that part of any conversation might be used on the show.

2 Even Howard Stern says he has never heard anyone say he likes to grab women by the pussy, especially because he feels he can because he is a star.

3. The witness on the plane flight is a known serial liar and it is doubtful he would have been flying 1st class on a domestic American flight as a British 19-year-old student at the time. He has also claimed to be a pimp for underage boys to British politicians, among other things.

4. Trump claimed a reporter was lying about her being assaulted and propositioned. Immediately 6 other people said they were there or were told about Trump's actions. Since there are over ten other women coming forward and many women who aren't, it is a he said, she said, she said, she said, she said, she said, she said, she said, she said, she said, she said, etc. situation.

5. "Men should not be ashamed to be men or be apologetic for being a man." And you are not a man but a dick, much weaker than a pussy.

6. A long yahoo news investigation of Clinton's actions as Secretary of State found no evidence of any special favors, all of the meetings with donors would have been held anyway.

7. The Hillary Foundation, unlike Trump's, has been audited and releases public annual reports and does millions of dollars in good works. Trump has not donated any money to his foundation in over ten years and the main expenditures recently seem to have been buying portraits of Trump and paying off legal suits against Trump with other people's donations.

8 There is no public record of Hillary covering up her husband's "rapes and molestations."  I doubt if you know what a public record is.

9. Trump is the one who actually wrote an editorial in 2013 saying that closed borders were the past, we needed open borders now.

10. Trump is the one who doesn't know the constitution and is a threat to the Bill of Rights.

11. Immigrants to the United States, illegal or legal, commit much less crime per person than people born here.

12. "Diseases once eradicated will kill tens of thousands if not hundreds of thousands." You are a paranoid sicko so naturally you think people from foreign countries carry diseases. Are you trying to preserve your "Purity of Essence"?

Friday, June 17, 2016

The big divide on guns

There are people I respect in other areas who I consider completely unhinged on guns.

One  example is a well known Libertarian filk songwriter. After the Orando massacre at a gay bar she said the problem was that the bar and patrons were not carrying their own guns. The problem of anyone being able to quickly buy a civilian version of a military assault rifle converted to semi automatic and having a large magazine she refused to acknowledge or consider a problem.

When I pointed out that the bar had an armed security officer who was immediately killed she blamed the stupid security officer and the bar for only having one.

She also blamed the FBI for not keeping track of "Jihadists" because surveillance of religious minorities even if born in America should be a priority according to this Libertarian.

I also found similar opinions among the leaders of the Sad and Rabid Puppies attacking diversity in the Hugo Awards and their followers. Some of these are talented in writing if on the wrong side of a culture war.

A few decades a very fringe idea that the 2nd Amendment was an unrestricted right for all Americans to have any type of gun started being pushed by a few of the radical right. It took over the NRA which had been a mainstream group supporting gun owners and manufacturers. It infiltrated the Republican Party which was beginning its sharp right turn with the influx of Southern conservative racist Democrats fleeing a party which supported Civil Rights. It entered the more conservative legal schools. And it made it to the Republican judges on the Supreme Court.

My position is clear. Weapons solely designed for killing people quickly and easily and on a mass scale do not belong in civilian hands. If you believe they do there is something wrong with your values.

I do not know how to get this attitude of gun rights over human lives back under the rock from whence it came. Sad and dangerous times.

Monday, June 13, 2016

William Safire - "Habitual Liar"

For some reason William Safire was a highly respected conservative opinion columnist at the New York Times after being Richard Nixon's speechwriter. He also wrote other columns on language and writing. He wrote a highly influential column, completely unsubstantiated, that Hillary Clinton had always been a serial "habitual liar" and corrupted everyone around her to lie as well. The column was never substantiated and was itself lies although Safire may have believed it. He never apologized or confessed that the column had been proven wrong. Later he was a leader in the allegations of Al Gore's "habitual lies and exagerations" and strongly supported George W Bush for president. Once Bush was president Safire spread the lies of the Bush administration that Iraq was a threat to Israel and the United States, the big lies it was violating the peace treaty and possessed illegal weapons of mass destruction.

Safire made a long career out of being a talented liar skilled with words whose favored tactic was accusing others of lying. The widespread belief that Hillary Clinton and Al Gore were completely untrustworthy can be traced back to him. His lies and the tactic of always calling liberals and Democrats and convenient outsiders serial liars were repeated by the conservative media and Republicans and repeated often enough to become "common knowledge". His numerous writings about Iraq led to a an illegal unnecessary disastrous war based on lies. The widespread belief that climate change is a lie caused by lying scientists can be traced back to his tactics used on Al Gore, the first well known popular figure to warn of climate change.

When you think of lies and the lying liars who tell them always place Safire near the top of the list.

My simply writing this history will be shocking to many, as corporate media and the Republican Party gave him the status of elderly beloved spokesman before his death.

More of Safire's misdeeds can be found in this column by Eric Boehlert.

Sunday, February 21, 2016

Brains and Eggs: A-Skeered uh Soshulism
Brains and Eggs: A-Skeered uh Soshulism

Can Hillary gain the support of all the voters her supporters are smearing on the Left?

Bernie is doing much better than expected but seems to be having trouble driving up voting enough in the caucuses and primaries to be the nominee, once a fanciful notion but now close but falling short.

Once again voters in November may be faced with an utter disaster from the GOP on the right and someone many on the Left will say doesn't deserve their support from the Democrats.

This split cost Al Gore the election. Will it cost Hillary too?

Monday, December 28, 2015



A very smart political analysis and news site, better than most professional analysts and columnists.

Thursday, August 27, 2015

It would be nice for mainstream writers to know what they are talking about when they write articles about science fiction

It would also be nice if the Sad and Rabid Puppies weren't so ignorant and deluded.

Eric Flint illustrates both of my points in this essay "DO WE REALLY HAVE TO KEEP FEEDING STUPID AND HIS COUSIN IGNORAMUS?".

"Fact One. There is no grandiose, over-arching SJW conspiracy to deny right-thinking conservative authors their just due when it comes to awards. It does not exist. It has never existed. It is nothing but the fevered dreams which afflict some puppies in their sleep.'

"Fact Two. There is no reflexive reactionary movement to drag F&SF kicking and screaming back into the Dark Ages when all protagonists had to be white and male (and preferably either engineers or military chaps). The very same people who piss and moan about diversity-for-the-sake-of-it litter their own novels with exactly the same kind of diversity they deplore when their opponents do it."

I'll ignore his third fact because I am not sure how much the Science Fiction Hugo Awards has drifted away from the popular base. I am sure it has but I think he may overstate it even as he admits it is complicated.

See the beginning of his essay for some of the problems with mainstream reporting.

I recently complained to another writer that his analysis was really, really not very good regarding the Sad Puppies and the Rabid Puppies and the state of the Hugo Awards. It is nice that I can point to Eric Flint and George R R Martin and Jim C Hines and others as SFF writers who get it right.

Ending funding for Planned Parenthood in Texas will increase not decrease abortions and decrease healthcare

What services does Planned Parenthood provide?

• Annual exams that provide screening for cancer (cervical and breast), high blood pressure, and other chronic health conditions.

Birth control—and not just the screening and education and prescribing of it, but the ability to buy it at deeply discounted rates.

• Testing, treatment, and prevention education for sexually transmitted infections, including HIV.

• A substantial portion of HIV services in Texas prisons.

• Treatment for early-stage cervical cancer and precancerous conditions.

• Educational programs. Planned Parenthood educators provide age-appropriate, medically-accurate sex education to schools, youth groups, and scouting troops. They also provide continuing education for a wide range of health and medical professionals, members of the clergy, teachers, social workers, and others in care-giving professions.

But can’t other clinics provide these services? Journalist Andrea Grimes famously called clinics across Austin listed as alternate providers when the state legislature slashed women’s health funding. Her investigation proved that the list of “available” providers included labs that did not provide any care, clinics that did not accept Medicaid patients, clinics that did not provide well-woman exams, and a small handful of clinics that in theory, provided the care, but in actuality, did not have appointments available for months.

Has it improved? I searched the state website and called three providers ostensibly available in a 30-mile radius of my home. I got no answer at one, no available appointments at the second, and a single available appointment 9 weeks from now at a third. I stopped calling.

What about abortion—does he at least do what he says and end funding for abortion? There is no federal or state funding for abortion in Texas. There has not been since the mid-1970s. Abortion is hard to access in Texas, but when people do get abortions, they generally pay cash.

The laws that have gone onto the books restricting how clinics can provide care are what limit access to abortion. Defunding Planned Parenthood services that are not abortion will not do anything to stop abortion.

- Adapted from Andrea Greer article at Burnt Orange Report

Saturday, April 25, 2015

Reply to Eric

I edited my previous comment about the current Sad Puppy leader. No need for profanity.

My new comment on Eric Flint's proposal and clarification:

This controversy over popularity over quality has divided speculative fiction for at least 50 years and is built in to all awards.

Correia's original complaints at least to me sounded like the complaints about why wasn't the original Fast and Furious movie nominated for an Oscar.

On his second point, I would instead expand the novel category by genre, fantasy, hard science, young adult, etc.

I will have to think about short novel and series as separate awards.



His commenting system is either turned off or has an error. It gives a wrong error message on whatever I submit.

Sunday, April 19, 2015

Brad Torgersen has Wonky Wrong Brains

“In the last decade .  .  . we’ve seen the Hugo voting skew ideological, as Worldcon and fandom alike have tended to use the Hugos as an affirmative action award: giving Hugos because a writer or artist is (insert underrepresented minority or victim group here) or because a given work features (insert underrepresented minority or victim group here) characters,” observes science fiction writer Brad R. Torgersen."

Friday, April 10, 2015

A Reply to Larry Correia - a backlash against what? #SadPuppies #HugoAwards

As I was reading Larry's response to George R. R. Martins post I jotted down some impressions.

Reactions as I read this:

Whinny Ass Titty Baby. Although that is doing what he is doing, making an insulting remark to start out.

He thinks he has a sense of humor but doesn't. Like that loud immature jerk in college or high school or your early jobs that laughs at his own insulting made up abbreviations for people.

Casually slams and smears other people, probably because he feels it was done to him.

Hung out drinking with bitter older conservatives at his first World Con and became convinced the awards were all a conspiracy by some liberal connected elitists.

Over estimates the numbers of his crowd and the widespread knowledge of their in-jargon. Half the people do not and did not know what SJW (Social Justice Warriors) was and why you would even think or use that term. And, of course,it is another insulting generalization.

Wow, he invokes Heinlein, controversial even when alive and getting awards, but forgets it is the Sad Puppies he started that crowded his biography off the ballot after they forgot about it.

Won't give up on insulting Social Justice Warrior term because he has used it so much and he feels it justifies all of his actions despite it's rarity of use and it's insulting nature.

Wow, just wow: " When you have professional culture warriors like Brianna Wu and Arthur Chu, who make their livings off of generating political controversy, saying that Brad Torgersen’s two decades of interracial marriage is just a shield to hide his true secret racism, then yes, there is a serious tone problem."

There are some really, really touchy people on both sides of this political/religious/cultural divide and casual conversations/comments/posts/tweets can set them off. Conversations got heated because this really seemed that segments of fandom were finally getting awarded and recognized for their contributions when what seems to many like a backlash from conservatives developed because they were feeling excluded. Comments about racism were tossed about too casually, then loud heated objections to comments about racism were tossed about. A picture was posted that showed the interracial family of someone accused of possibly being racist. And then the question was asked is that being used as a shield?

Stop it, both sides, just stop it and grow up.

Mistakes were made. On both sides.

He seems calmer at the end and is backing up accusations with facts about people looking at past nominations. The problem is that the main comparison is between a new writer versus an established professional and between books with very different appeals - Monster Hunters is or was a niche market that doesn't attract much attention from big prestigious reviewers no matter how much some fans like it or how popular it was. That is like complaining why wasn't the first Fast and Furious movie nominated for an Oscar.

So are the Puppies slates a reaction to conservatives not being nominated for awards, or a reaction to after many years a mass of liberals and feminists winning a bunch of awards and a formerly privileged class feeling excluded? Although the Puppy ringleaders are new entrants into the field they represent the conservative old timers who often dominated the Hugos in years past.

You've got me on that, at least he makes his points in his post.

Still he avoids the turd in the punch bowl, Vox Day, who I feel bought a publisher and may have bought many nominating memberships to stick it to SFWA and the most prestigious award in fandom. His adapting and expanding the Sad Puppy slate is why many good nominations were excluded this year.

See my previous post for my too hasty response to Brad Torgersen.

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Wednesday, April 08, 2015

A Reply to Brad Torgersen -Sad Puppies cut down on diversity. ‪#‎HugoAwards‬

Congratulations on your lovely wife and family. I am sure she must be a saint if she has put up with you for this long. ;-)

You avoid mentioning your follower who was more successful than you and seems to have enabled both yours and his success. I am referring to Vox Day and the Rabid Puppy slate you avoid mentioning.

While I disagree with your politics and analysis of the world and your seemingly quick replacement of reason and discourse with snark it is still in the rational spectrum. The writer known as Vox Day and his followers are irrational haters and were better organized and better financed and had a plan that worked. And he is a bigoted religious right wing nut job openly very hostile to gays who was kicked out of the Science Fiction Writers Association for bigoted smearing messages about another writer on their letterhead. He now desires vengeance against the SF community. He is wealthy enough from his radical right Christian family’s involvement in media and politics to buy a Finnish publishing company to have a vehicle to make himself an editor and compatible writers eligible for awards and SFWA membership. He also has his religious politically conservative End Times followers willing to follow his commands on voting. He has enough money to gift them with supporting memberships. And he had a plan.

Your Sad Puppy slate was well designed. Although mainly appealing to one type of reader, SFF contains multitudes, you consolidated 30+ follower recommendations to 2-4 to concentrate your followers votes. This tactic was very likely to be more successful than last year. You took care to have a diverse slate where not everything was crap and had some good nominations. But Vox Dey (homonym for Voice Of God) expanded each of your nominations in an effort not to ensure that conservative voices were heard but to lock out every other voice in each category. In categories with not many nominations his Rabid Slate votes when combined with your Sad Slate succeeded. How rabid and sad.

You have been played by a more extremist, more experienced player with more resources. Your Sad Puppy slate to bring more diversity to the Hugo Awards instead locked out nominees and brought less because of his actions. Not to mention some of the nominees are just political correctness on the other side. Your side. Six nominations for a minor writer just because he published rants against liberals and gays popular in online conservative circles? Talk about agendas. You have become worse than those you railed against.

Lovely family, sorry about stupid journalists.

This is a corrected comment originally placed on his blog from a small iPhone terrible with long comments on blogs.

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Saturday, December 06, 2014

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

TPA - Progressives looking around, looking forward, fighting voter apathy

The Texas Progressive Alliance continues to look forward as it brings you this week's roundup.

Off the Kuff looks at some pro- and anti-equality bills that were pre-filed for the 2015 Legislature.

Libby Shaw writing for Texas Kaos and for Daily Kos notes that although the Republican voter suppression efforts had its intended effect of keeping so many of us away from the polls, Texas Democrats share some of the blame for voter apathy. Voter Suppression did the Trick in Texas.

Evidence from around the country emerged in the wake of the 2014 election drubbing that change is going to have to come to the Democratic Party from both within and without. PDiddie at Brains and Eggs understood early on that if they cannot regain relevance in midterm elections, then we are all destined to ride the partisan see-saw every two years... and let gridlock reign.

Social Media has been great at blowing up narratives generated from republican think tanks and published in mainstream newspapers, magazines and TV Shows. CouldBeTrue of South Texas Chisme wants to help: No, the new set of Republicans in Congress aren't less crazy and more pragmatic than Todd Akin or Sharron Angle.

From WCNews at Eye on Williamson. One more time on some post-election commentary, Williamson Democrats, Battleground Texas, And The Way Forward.

Neil at All People Have Value said that there is not very much to say. APHV is part of NeilAquino.com.

Texas Leftist offers an insider's view of Battleground Texas... What went right, what went wrong and how the organization moves forward from here. Square one?? Get to know Texas, and don't mess with what already works.

Easter Lemming, in one of his rare and even popular posts outside of Facebook, covers a Republican blogger who shows how the Republican victories of 2014 set them up for defeat in 2016. There is a Democratic state firewall that would be almost impossible for Republicans to breach to get the presidency and the only question is how many seats will the GOP lose in the Senate and House. Easter Lemming now mainly posts on his Easter Lemming News Facebook page.


And here are some posts of interest from other Texas blogs.

Concerned Citizens scouts out the San Antonio Mayoral race.

Lone Star Q has a surprising report about Westboro Baptist's involvement in the recent Houston anti-gay protests.

Nonsequiteuse examines the cult of Mommy and the cult of the fetus.

Unfair Park wants to know why Ted Cruz wants to slow down their Netxflix streaming.

Texas Watch is hiring.

Juanita relates the worst Veterans' Day story ever.

Scott Braddock documents a teabagger slap fight in North Texas.

Fred Lewis sums up the evidence that wasn't presented at the San Jacinto waste pits trial.