Thursday, October 24, 2002

Cox News -- 'Bowling for Columbine' spares no one

"Bowling for Columbine " is a risk for Moore, because rather than targeting General Motors' Smith, as he did in "Roger and Me," or Nike Corporation's CEO Phil Knight, as he did in "The Big One," he is taking aim -- pardon the expression -- at the very people he wants to come see his movie.

"The right will always win, because they get up in the morning. Conservatives are up at 6. They greet the sunrise. We're still laying in bed," he says. "They never lose their car keys. It's always us. We can't find anything. They've got hooks with labels. I admire them."

Nevertheless, Moore remains an optimist. "Absolutely, because things get better. Slavery ends, Hitler dies, the bad guys usually do lose, things do improve. I cannot allow myself to sink into despair over this. That's why you have a lot of humor in these films, because the humor is there as a release."

Playing at the River Oaks in Houston

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