Wednesday, October 23, 2002

David Dewhurst—the Unlikeliest (and Oddest) Candidate - The Texas Observer Many Texans might get their first good look at him during tomorrow's debate.

Weird shy, extremely conservative, ex-CIA, 6'-5" make-up wearing roper who looks like a model and likes to work out at the downtown Austin gym.

He has alienated most Republican's he would have to work with in the Senate for not keeping his word. Although the mainstream GOP doesn’t support him he has the support of the extreme wing of the party and small towns. "The best that one prominent Republican who’ll be on the November ballot could say of Dewhurst was, 'He’s weird. But he’s less weird than he used to be.' "

Opponent John Sharp has gotten the endorsement of most business groups in Texas and some moderate Republicans like Nolan Ryan but the race is still 50-50 because of the Texas attitude of anyone but a Democrat and he has millions of dollars of his own money to throw into advertising.

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