Thursday, October 24, 2002

TheAmericanProwler -- Shaky Overconfidence

"Sunday's Washington Post ran a front page story outlining all of the plans and policies confident GOP-ers on the Hill were going to implement once full control of Capitol Hill was attained in early November. But if Republicans are so sure about continuing control of the House and regaining control of the Senate, it isn't showing up on Capitol Hill, no matter what the Post says. Late last week Republican staffers from several important Senate offices could be found in Capitol Hill watering holes mapping out their future employment, and none of it involved shiny new leadership positions on Senate committees.

" 'I guess we're being more realistic than our bosses," says a Senate staffer for a Western Senator up for re-election. ' I'm thinking I'm going to need to find a new job. I don't know any Republican staffer who really believes we're going to pull this thing off. There are too many variables.' "

Probably the best forecaster at this time is someone who's job depends on the outcome.

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