Sunday, August 31, 2008

Desperation at WaMu Puts US Taxpayers at Risk

WAMU has been promoting some very good CD rates lately. There are a lot of Washington Mutual locations in Texas. Some have been promoting the high interest CDs with hand drawn signs. You might want to think for a minute about what that really means. Mike Shedlock says it is another example of death spiral financing.

Bush just said Saturday that there are "recent signs that our economy is beginning to improve."

What do the presidential candidates think about this?

John McCain recently declared that "the fundamentals of the economy are strong."

Obama: "for the Americans who’ve seen their jobs disappear, their personal incomes plunge, their home values plummet, and gas prices skyrocket, nothing could be further from the truth. " According to Bush's Bureau of Labor Statistics because of stagnant wages and growing inflation, workers are making less now than they were a decade ago. A full two terms of the GOP being in charge promoting their tax and economic policies and workers make less than ever.

An expanded article on these diverse reactions to our economy is at the conservative Republican PR branch office FOX NEWS.

Obama's new ad.

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