Thursday, August 28, 2008

We Have a DNC Convention Report From a Local Delegate

Dear Fellow Caucus Attendees,

Back in June, I was elected to attend the National Convention. As many of you know, yesterday we officially nominated Barack Obama and Joe Biden as the Presidential and Vice Presidential Candidates of the Democratic Party. I cast my ballot for Barack Obama.

As of last night, I have uploaded to my website, my thoughts and experiences throughout this Convention. I would urge all of you to go to and read them for yourselves.

If you do not go read my notes, I would like you to know one thing from the Convention. We are a Unified Party. Despite what the media may tell you, our party is very unified and ready for the upcoming election. We will not stand four more years of Republican rule. The Hillary supporters are on board, fired up, and ready to go! So, please spread the word, and do not allow the mass media to pretend we are a weak force.

Thank you again for this wonderful opportunity,

Alexander Karjeker

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