Saturday, May 05, 2007

Winner of the GOP debate - Ron Paul and Mitt Romney - Update

Losers - McCain and perhaps Giuliani. If Giuliani is leading in the early polls he sure didn't impress at the debate.

Drudge Report Poll - WHO WON THE REAGAN DERBY? (link to the free republic maniacs.)

Mitt Romney -- 35%
Rudy Giuliani -- 21%
RON PAUL -- 16%
Tommy Thompson -- 7%
John McCain -- 6%
Tom Tancredo -- 5%
Mike Huckabee -- 4%
Duncan Hunter -- 3%
Sam Brownback -- 2%
Jim Gilmore -- 2%

On the MSNBC interactive poll, Ron Paul clearly won the debate - going from a 9% favorable rating before the debate to leading the field with a 41% positive rating after. Ron Paul is the only Republican in positive territory with approvals over disapprovals. Ron Paul is at least consistently an old-fashioned small government conservative with a respect for the Constitution. I often disagree with him but I know where he is coming from and it is not his contributors and focus groups.

Who should give up based on the MSNBC poll? I would say half the field, those with an 11% or lower approval and an almost 50% disapproval. These are the ones us liberals only hear of when someone points out a particular outrageous thing they say.

T. Thompson.

Hanging in there:
Romney (2nd place)
Ron Paul (1st Place)

This will all change in the next few months when Fred Thompson, TV actor and politician, enters the race.

Anti-war banners flew over the GOP debate in a lefty smart move.

UPDATE: Survey USA poll of Calif. debate watchers - Giuliani 30%, Romney 12%, McCain 11%. Among GOP watchers : 33%, 14%, 17%.

The Democratic Party was the winner.

Thank God Fox News didn't host the debates, Foser notes just a bit of bias in the questions.


Anonymous said...

You lefties are like a stopped clock -- you do get things right as much as twice a day!

Ron Paul is the winner and has noted that this is not about Bush, but mentioned that Iraq policy was signed into law by Bill Clinton in '98

The mainstream media doesn't like it when the public is educated on the fact that this is a good illustration of how the same people control BOTH SIDES.

Anonymous said...

And have you noticed that the 'mainstream' media have not mentioned that Ron Paul did so well?

They are afraid of an anti-war GOPer?

Blake said...

Gary -

We agree that McCain was a big loser. I think Paul was an adequate representation of the libertarian point of view - but he was neither given enough time, nor did he have enough presence and command to really come across as a winner up on that stage.

I thought Giuliani was effective, given that this is his worst possible environment - in the midst of a nine people trying to look the most conservative and getting hit with about four, maybe five, questions about abortion.

I think the Dems need only be concerned about Romney and Giuliani for '08 - any of the other eight of those guys would lose badly.

Gary said...

The best candidate for the GOP would be Fred Thompson, get an actor who looks Presidential like Reagan. Although I think the country has had enough of government by people who hate government and rule by PR aides and political operatives.

I have also decided a Kucinich-Paul Unity 08 ticket is obviously what the country is dying for. If not that maybe Kinky Friedman - Mike Gravel.