Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Fred Thompson is the knight on the horse for old conservatives

Interesting observations about Fred Thompson by Chris Bowers.
Consider Fred Thompson entry into the race as the supposed "conservative savior" in the context of contemporary conservative identity politics and the voting predilections of Americans born after 1964. Now, consider that the same Pew poll shows that 70% of his potential supporters are male, and 65% are over the age of 50. In this context, it seems quite reasonable to draw the conclusion that those people urging Fred Thompson into the campaign view him as the savior of what Bill O'Reilly calls "the white, Christian, male power structure." His strongest potential supporters are by far the oldest and most male of any other currently major candidate, even when compared to other Republican candidates. Fred Thompson is the old, male white knight for conservatives in 2008.
They also used to call that "man on a white horse" politics. The belief that people are waiting for someone to show up on a charger and lead them.

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