Sunday, June 03, 2007

Pro-Union Southerners

Here is a bit about the part of the Civil War you don't hear about, especially in the South. There are some covered up episodes of Texas history including a Confederate massacre in East Texas of pro-union families and other battles in Texas left out of history books. The so called "Battle of The Nueces In Kinney County, Texas" on August 10, 1862. A minor footnote in history books is the "Texas Troubles" - a fake conspiracy of black slaves and white abolitionists burning Texas towns in 1860 which increased the sentiment for Texas leaving the Union.

Twenty years after the Civil War even though the forces to end slavery had won you could hardly tell. Many Northern city Republican clubs that had been partially founded by freedman had "no blacks allowed" policies. The mythology of gallant gentleman dying for a doomed cause and to protect their way of life with the approval of grateful darkies was in full development. Slavery was dismissed to the sidelines in views of the civil war. Who really won the Civil War?
Do you know the term "The Lost Cause?" The Lost Cause was the title of a book by Sir Walter Scott. The term was used deliberately by Southerners right after the war, by 1866. They started this interpretation that basically said, "We didn't fight for slavery, we fought against overwhelming odds for state's rights. By the way, we were never defeated, we were just ground down by superior force." That was the mythology that persisted, and still persists.

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