Monday, June 18, 2007

Palestine Civil War Instigated by Condi Rice

Some headline I have and I give no link. Let me explain. In the recent The Atlantic there was a long article on Condi working for Middle East peace with many laudatory statements by her colleagues. However, every policy decision she made turned out to be badly wrong. One of her recent decisions was to arm and encourage Fatah to attack Hamas, the recent winners of the Palestinian elections she had insisted upon, confident Hamas couldn't win. At the time of the article al Fatah had lost its battles with Hamas, which Condi believed wouldn't happen, and the other Arab states had worked out a Unity government plan for Palestine, which Condi still opposed.

What do you want to bet Condi is still sending arms to al Fatah and encouraging this coup d'etat leading to the Civil War? A Tiny Revolution catches Abrams explaining to a group of Palestinian businessmen that the United States would sponser a "hard coup" against the Hamas government. The WP is, of course, rewriting history to ignore this. Wow, Hamas the actual government, is accused of leading the coup. The NYT joins in the rewrite. Recent stories speak of new arms for Fatah - "Both the United States and Israel are reeling from the rapid and ignominious collapse of Fatah in Gaza in recent days, despite significant injections of American political and military advice and aid." The New York Times seems to have proved my point.

I wonder if the American people remember that al Fatah, whom we now support, was one of the first Palestinian terrorist groups we opposed? This also seems part and parcel of the newer Bush/neo-con doctrine of giving aid to our terrorists and siccing them on the other terrorists (and later they will either become our dictators or we will turn on them.)

The future - the allies Condi are backing are not very good at fighting and have little support. We should stop intervening in the Middle East which is a powder keg not helped by our incompetent leadership. The most we can hope for is creating a stable Afghanistan provided we get lots of support from other countries. How much should our policies be determined by protecting oil for very wealthy corporations?

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