Monday, December 15, 2008

Less Blogging

I see in Wired that blogging is out. Social network sites and twitter are in. (A contrary view.)

I am spending more time on LiveJournal, at least reading my friends pages, and Facebook, at least sending people flowers for their garden or posting videos or music.

I also submit things to either Digg or Skewz, despite the right-eyed flounder problems* of the latter. (* Started by conservatives to document the supposed liberal bias of the media, they manually promote articles to the front page and banner of the day, suspicious mass voting on a few articles, hampered by a severe lack of traffic despite a few mentions in media blogs.)

Twitter is just blogging without the work and with a 140 character limit. Or a livejournal for people who hate to write.

Things to try in the coming year.

Misc - Google on Net Neutrality and the accuracy of Wall Street Journalists.

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