Wednesday, December 17, 2008

SR 144 - A map of Democratic performance

Despite an increase over Obama's performance and over Janette Sexton's in 2006, Joel Redmond fell just short of being the state representative in state house district 144. The very heavy turnout and very Republican voting by predominately whites in the central portion of the district around Fairmont Drive was again key to the Republican victory. This area is upper middle income and heavily church going with a strong Mormon presence.

Map made with MapPoint 2006 and GIMP 2.

This is preliminary. It needs to be cleaned up some and some overlapping precincts sorted out and the data behind it shown.

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Ken said...

How stupid do you get? There is no high mormon activity in HD 144. It is mainly evangelical Christians, particularly Baptist.

Gary said...

Ken doesn't know I lived in the heart of the area described. Pasadena 1st Ward is located there - idiot.

Anonymous said...

I also live right off of Fairmont, and I have to aree with Ken. In fact, the City of Pasadena has no wards. Gary must be confused with Houston's old ward system.

Gary said...

Jesus Christ of the Latter Day Saints! -map