Thursday, December 25, 2003

51 Reasons To Elect Howard Dean

Cowboy Kahlil From Reach'm High:

As my final entry, I felt it important to provide a few notes about something I will dedicate the next 11 months to: the election of Howard Dean.

That probably seems an odd mission for a single 50-year-old who should properly be tending to my children and surviving parent, to career and the preparations for retirement, and perhaps the lost arts of dating and mating that I once thought I'd mastered in the eternal quest for a partnership of eternal design. It is not usual, but there's really nothing odd about doing what only seems right.

I cannot turn away from this; it is too important. I'll do what I can to aid Howard Dean's election. It's as important as anything I've done short of being a father and a friend. And logic surrenders to what the soul directs, though I'll try to enumerate reasons why my soul has risen to pursue this task.

1) I love the American ideal. I'm not so enamored of my country's beauty to believe it comes close to perfection. But it has permitted the advance of human rights in a world that too easily surrenders to the brutal. I'd like to further that and am convinced Howard Dean will achieve that.

2) Howard Dean is a doctor. His partner is a doctor. They have demonstrated a commitment to healing and this country is in need of healing.


51) This isn't just about the election of Howard Dean. It's about Americans, you, your family, me, saying we reject the anti-progress gang of old-cons who prefer to keep us living in fear and favor the country that inspired the world, the country whose losses on 9-11 made the world mourn, the country of fairness and opportunity, the country of possibility, the States of America, united again.

With Howard Dean, we no longer have to settle for less.

More jobs, better healthcare, a stronger defense, and an end to the corruption: I encourage you to support Howard Dean. Plus, I dig his tie.

(His advisors made him finally give up his old 'Save the Children' tie)

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