Tuesday, December 30, 2003

Jim Hightower -- The New Koppel Primary

Intervention Magazine :: "I want the American people to see where the media takes politics in this country. To start [by] talking about endorsements. Now we're talking about polls. And then we're talking about money. Well, you know, when you do that, you don't have to talk about what's important to the American people." The audience erupted in applause [to Kuccinich's remarks.]

The very next day, ABC retaliated by pulling its journalists from the campaigns of Kucinich, Sharpton and Mosely-Braun. Not that ABC had been allowing much airtime for any of them – all three of these candidates combined had been mentioned only ten times this entire year on ABC's nightly news show.

Even before the primaries begin and the people get to vote, ABC has unilaterally eliminated a third of the Democratic contenders. Call it the Koppel Primary.

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