Friday, December 17, 2004

Election Challenges and Social Security and other Links

Berkeley City Council First Known City To Call For National Election Investigation
Cites Curtis Sworn Testimony Of Creating Fraud Software For GOP Official

Krugman On Social Security Systems
Based on other countries privatization neither saves money nor protects the elderly from poverty

Kerry Campaign Finally Demands Ohio Investigation

More developing stories at Raw Story

74% of Bush voters favor gay marriage or civil unions
68% of liberals cite faith and morals as important in deciding their vote, more than moderates

Conservatives Bilk Public on Medicare, Cash In With Drug Industry

DLC: Democrats Loving Corporations
The Democratic Leadership Council's addiction to contributions from Philip Morris, Texaco, and Merck is proof enough that its "centrism" is really a naked corporate agenda.

Molly Ivins - The Reality-Based Environment
Bush denying global warming is another of his delusions.

"I see fear in his eyes"
Some in GOP see DeLay leaving soon

Tom "The Hammer" DeLay as the most corrupt politician in Washington.

Chomsky: My guess is that the Bush administration planners will not call for a draft.

Young Democrats Want Control
Those who no longer believe in the Democrats as the Reform Party must cede control to new blood is the part I believe in. A lot of quotes from the weak New Democrat Lieberman wing.

Swift Boat Liars to Continue
Swift Boat Veterans for Truth raised $27.2 million, Franke said, most of it
in a three-month period starting in July. Texas home builder Robert Perry, a
longtime GOP contributor, gave the group $4 million.

In one measure of success, a poll in 12 battleground states taken on
election night by a Republican polling firm found that the swift boat veterans'
ads were far more recognizable and had more impact than ads of pro-Kerry groups.

A sign of things to come? Thune Campaign paid two Anti-Daschle bloggers

Comsky on the Election:
I don’t think that the Kerry campaign even tried to include the opinions of most of the population, including those who voted for Kerry. People will vote their class interests when they see some credible political force that might represent those interests. That’s not Kerry or the DLC.

Breaking News - CIA's secret prison within a prison at Gitmo

Brad Blog Too stays on top of the Ohio and Florida vote problems He has the same problems I have with blogspot sometimes swallowing posts.

Electors pass resolution demanding national vote investigation Buried in last paragraph.

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