Wednesday, December 15, 2004

News Roundup - Dec 15 Ho, Ho, Ho

Hispanic Leaders Angry At DNC - The Hill reports. Angry Latino congressional leaders demanded diplomatic language be removed in very critical letter regarding 2004 election.

Jim Swanson Examines Good and Evil, Hitler and Terrorism, Art and Politics -- in Stamp Art

Atrios points us to Texas Christian Anti-Abortionist Flys to China to have himself injected with millions of aborted baby cells to thwart God's will.
Van Golden, a Christian, anti-abortion Texan who has sold his house so that he can travel to communist, atheist China and have Huang inject a million cells from the nasal area of a fetus into his spine. According to Golden's doctors, his spine was damaged beyond repair in a car crash last Christmas. The damage to his nervous system was so bad that he has been in a wheelchair and racked by spasms ever since. But Golden refused to give up, even if it meant having to compromise his values. "This is the only place that offered us any hope," he says. "Everyone else offered only to help make me sufficient in that chair. But the chair is not my destiny. It is not ordained."

IBM sells PC business to China

Mainstream press (Washington Post) acknowledges problems with election but downplays results. You know it's true becuase it made Drudge Report.

A New Democrat on lessons learned.

Iraqi Bloggers U.S. visit raise questions regarding propaganda-driven “blog trolling”
EL - There is no doubt that the Iraq the Model bloggers are real people.

The question has been raised and never answered in this long series is how much assistance and guidance and payments are they receiving from the very large American Intel contingent in Baghdad. One of the duties of the intel contingent in Baghdad is to recruit local talent that can be used for political and propaganda purposes.

Iraq the model has never deviated and posted something that a CIA operative would not want to see his stringers post.

Perhaps they are the just local Iraq version of the GOP booster club. But they are in exactly the right area, writing exactly the right things, making the right American contacts, and even getting involved in Iraq national politics in the same way that the CIA pays foreign nationals to do.

The United States has over 500 Intel operatives in Iraq and cultivating people like the ITM brothers is in their job description.
David Neiwert - The Rise of Pseudo Fascism in America
Part 1: The Morphing of the Conservative Movement
Part 2: The Architecture of Fascism
Part 3: The Pseudo-Fascist Campaign
Part 4: The Apocalyptic One-Party State
Part 5: Warfare By Other Means
Part 6: Breaking Down the Barriers
Part 7 [Conclusion]: It Can Happen Here

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