Sunday, December 19, 2004

Now and Then

The Sunday before Christmas two years ago. I wrote: This may be a new feature of history, the President of the United States as de facto Emperor of the World. The consolidation of internal political power may go along with that. However, this administration likes and seeks power, secrecy and no dissent. Other administrations could be different.

Exactly one year ago I wrote: One example of their coverage is the criticism of Newsweek for a biased, right-wing anti-lawyer propaganda issue. (el - They don't mention that it seems to be Newsweek policy to swing left and right in alternating issues.) I also noted: At the end of October, 2003 I was back to 215 and really off the diet - not eating well, too much fatty foods, too many sugars and starches. I had not been feeling well for a couple months.

Today we know we will still have this power mad, secretic, and intolerant adminstration. I am back up to 213 after moving in with my sister where this is not is not a high fiber, plenty of fish and veggies, low starch and sugars food plan. Newsweek still attempts to make supporters and dissidents of this administration happy. This doesn't work.

Today Liberals have ineffectual but interesting rallies and protests. Protests don't work in America, they don't convert people to your side.

Today we are debating the future of the Democratic Party.

Today the most important news doesn't make our So-Called Liberal Media.

Today the U.S. stand alone in questioning that greenhouse gasses are behind global warming (to protect GOP contributors).

Today more companies are cutting employee health care benefits.

Today there are hints the military knows we are in an unwinnable war -like the Iraeli occupation of Lebanon

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