Friday, December 24, 2004

White Christmas in Houston

For the second time since I moved here in 1972 Houston has a White Christmas. Snow is a rare event mainly noted for the many accidents on bridges and overpasses by drivers who may go for years without seeing ice and snow.

All Christmas Eve there had been scattered light snow flurries that did not stay on the ground in our area. Finally as members of my family prepared to leave after 9:00 PM we had a steady real snowfall. By 10:30 there was more than an inch of snow on the ground and everyone still left went outside to see. Snowball fights betweeen the teenagers broke out.

There was little talk of politics, what little bit there was was a universal condemnation of Bush for Iraq and silence on the part of one member who voted for him. The teenage Christian supporter wasn't here then.

May the next years be better for all of us, me, my family, my state, the nation and the world.

Peace. - Light snow falls in Houston area

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