Sunday, October 30, 2005

Can you hear me now? An incompetence rant

The former head of FEMA's previous job was head of horse shows. Michael Brown was hired and then fired by IAHA, the International Arabian Horse Assoc. He messed up finances so bad they had to disband and merge. His lawyer managed to get a non-disclose agreement on the firing according to public records.

The head of Homeland Security is a GOP operative lawyer best know for doing a lousy job in the attempt to impeach Clinton. During the Katrina disaster leaked emails revealed he was the one that didn't know he was required to give orders to get relief efforts moving.

The Head of the Air National Guard was Bush's fine friend from Texas - the head of TANG. Previously accused of destroying negative items in Bush's service record he faced other lawsuits over his tenure in Texas. He then flunks the primary task of keeping armed aircraft on 10 minute alert status by Washington and New York on 9/11.

FEMA and Homeland Security have supposedly spent four years preparing for a WMD strike in the US - with days on warning they can't handle a hurricane they practiced for the year before. The simulation contrary to the spin included levee breaches in New Orleans and about 80% of the city flooded.

Homeland Security is riddled through with political hacks appointed after Bush and the GOP rammed through provisions removing government civil service regulations to make it a place for partisan favorites needing jobs.

Bush promotes loyal incompetents and usually gives them a medal. Just look at the people who bungled terrorist security before 9/11 and the ones who planned the Iraq occupation.

The only people ever criticized or fired by this administration, always by Cheney or Rumsfeld, have been those who publicly questioned administration efforts and competence. When you value loyalty above all else and reward those most loyal but most incompetent you are not serving the American people but your own power.

I told people before the war these people were lying incompetents. But that was over there in Iraq. Now that they are bungling here at home do you think people might open their eyes?

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