Saturday, October 29, 2005

Embedded crony: Bob Woodward shows his true colors

After regurgitating GOP talking points about the Plamegame and the White House, Woodward revealed the contents of a secret CIA report.
On Larry King Thursday he put in a fiercely partisan performance on behalf of the Administration that's provided content for his last two best-sellers, taking on any panelist who deviated from GOP spin (transcript).

Woodward also emphasized that the effort to discredit Wilson took place after the war had started – as if somehow that meant it wasn't politically motivated, or a crime. After a few more feints, including a continued (if half-hearted) defense of Judith Miller (!), he made a remarkable assertion: that he had knew the contents of the CIA's damage assessment on the Plame outing, and that it wasn't all that bad.

So he admits on TV someone gave him a highly secret document then spreads the contents while talking about a case of someone whose underlying crime was leaking secret information! Had he been drinking again?

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