Friday, October 28, 2005

I disagree with Roger L Simon

Roger tries to puzzle out the arcane and not so arcane.

I have two things I wish to repond to now.

1. If Valerie Blame was some "minor not-so-covert" agent this would have never been a case.

A number of conservatives have repeatedly played the public and their base on that story.

"...what the war was really about - democracy. On that score it hasn't fared that badly, all things considered. "

2. The UK Military of Defense just commissioned a large survey to see how we are doing at winning hearts and minds. 45% of Iraqis believe attacks on Western troops justified. 82% are "strongly opposed" to the presence of coalition troops; less than 1% believed coalition forces are responsible for any improvement in security.

Immediately after the war the coalition embarked on a campaign of reconstruction. That appears to have failed, with the poll showing that 71% of people rarely get safe clean water, 47% never have enough electricity, 70% say their sewerage system rarely works, and unemployment is 40 - 50%.

This war has been a complete failure. Meanwhile the average American taxpayer would have had to pay $4,000 more in taxes except war funding has all been borrowed. I think we and the Iraqis have fared very badly.

Lies, war, massive debt, crony corruption - this is what half the country elected. As more information comes out perhaps people should check where they are getting their information from.

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