Friday, September 15, 2006

Bush Says Powell’s Criticism Is ‘Unacceptable’

In the last week or so, Bush's rhetoric has become increasingly incoherent, comparing Osama to Hitler in one speech and saying he is unimportant in the other. Listen, you are either fighting World War 3 or you're not, not both depending on your whims. Here he is unwilling to apply the same "terrorist-lover" slams directly to Republicans who say exactly the same thing that Democrats do. A question about Powell and the former head of the Joint Chief's criticism of his torture bill gets an answer that he doesn't think Americans are comparable to terrorists and it is unacceptable that "some people" make that comparison. Is he saying that Powell was making that comparison? From the question and answer you have to assume so but he is unwilling to make himself clear. He is also threatening his second veto unless the Congress allows him to order whatever the Hell he feels like for terrorists. As my brother says - we are through the looking glass. Don't mix up your pills, Mr. President.

Doug Thompson is back and notes that the GOP will try to do everything in it's power to not make the November elections about Bush.

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