Sunday, September 17, 2006

Don Harrison going to the US Supreme Court to keep his seat

As of now Don Harrison is still in the Pasadena Texas city council seat multiple courts have said he lost. Pasadena is not known for honest politics and this is a further stain on the record. The apathetic voters in his district have barely protested this travesty.
If Don Harrison goes to the U.S. Supreme Court, Leroy Stanley said he's going to Good Morning America.

On Friday, the Texas Supreme Court denied Harrison's motion for a rehearing in his long-simmering election dispute with Stanley. The archrivals have been fighting since May 2005 over who was the voters' choice to represent Pasadena City Council District C.
For any of my Pasadena readers, I will also point out that several Mayor appointed board members have severe conflicts of interest and have not filed the state required conflict of interest forms. That is illegal. If you do business with the city you have a conflict of interest and should not serve on city boards but you can as long as you declare it. If the city attorney, cough-cough, doesn't do something he and they may be facing questions or more from the county DA and the state Attorney General.

Of course, the real questions should be directed at the mayor who appointed them and the City Council members who approved them and allow this to continue. Political contributions from these city contractors seem to have something to do with these appointments. In local politics, boards and commissions are a way to reward supporters but if they have business with the city protocols and legal requirements must be followed. Some good government principles could prevent many conflicts of interest. An example of rewarding supporters is the 15 member new city charter commission which was appointed by the mayor with no input from the city council. Guess how many members did not make a donation to the mayor? Does each member have a copy of the National Civic League Model City Charter?

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