Tuesday, September 19, 2006

'The End of the Summer of Diplomacy'

Preparations for war advance - Col. Sam Gardiner. The above is a PDF file.

Matthew argues that the people who lied us into Iraq can't be that crazy - can they?

As a serious wargamer myself, I will say that the neocons want to bomb Iraq so bad they can taste it. I suspect the lesson they have learned from the recent Lebanese war is that no one in the United States media cares if you destroy all the bridges, airports, pipelines, ports, powerplants, etc. in a county while pursuing your "limited military objectives." Even if they can only damage less than 50% of Iran's nuclear facilities, the economic damage to Iran provides its own justification.

ADDED - My poll .

The US will attack Iran:

Before November - 26%
Before January - 4%
Before next April - 4%
Before next September - 2%
Before Bush's term is up - 43%
Not in the forseeable future. - 17%.


Fallaci Admirer said...

This is a well thought out report. It proves that in the end, we will be at war with Iran. We can go step by step or all at once. It would be better for us to go all at once in a ground invasion and give up Iraq, but the Bushco will get there the hardest way.

Gary said...

I am not a Fallaci admirer and I believe going in ultimately gives up Iraq and Israel and pro-Western governments in the Middle East.