Sunday, September 17, 2006

Fort Bend Republicans Lying Their Asses Off

Here is the wording and source of that "double-digit" lead in a secret poll by Shecky-Baby-Girly.
Austin’s Baselice & Associates in a recent survey with a plus or minus 4.9% error of margin:

If Sekula-Gibbs were On the ballot, For whom would you vote?

Sekula-Gibbs – 46%
Lampson – 35%
Other/undecided – 19%
Leaving aside questions as to who was polled and how were they contacted and how likely are they to vote - she isn't on the ballot! You might as well ask: if Shecky-Green-Something wasn't an empty wannabe who gives herself a $5,000 raise while cutting city services and was giving out a pony to everyone who voted for her, for whom would you vote?


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Anonymous said...

Here is the poll I got:

If Shelley Sekula Gibbs was on the ballot, would you vote for her or poke your eyes out with a sharp stick?

Shelley Sekula Gibbs 32.3%
Poke your eyes our 68.7%