Thursday, September 07, 2006

Harrison near to being forced to surrender council seat

Still holding a Pasadena city council position after several trials where the courts have ruled he didn't win, the Texas Supreme Court ruled against him again. The two year term of the seat looks like it may finally be decided before it expires.

This was really a ruling against Harrison with prejudice which denied him and his lawyer the normal amount of time to request a rehearing and stated the appeal must be in person, not by mail. The appeal in person must bring up another issue that has not been turned down previously by the courts.
The election dispute started last year with a 525-525 tie in Pasadena's District C council race. Harrison won a runoff by one vote, but Stanley challenged the result in court. A state judge's decision in October that two votes for Harrison were cast illegally gave Stanley a 590-589 edge.

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