Friday, September 22, 2006

Link Dump

Not really inspired by Gregg or Kuff, I have been dumping shortcuts to my desktop to get to later and now is the time. From most recent working backwards and then adding anything I like recent on that site:

Israel troubled that war in Lebanon drove its enemies closer. No shit, guess what the Iran attack will do.

The saga of the Pasadena District C race continues. Wrong Pasadena Citizen headline , Harrison admitted he and the Pasadena city council were in the wrong when he said they are waiting for a Writ of Mandamus. That is a court order saying you have broken the law and aren't correcting your mistake so this court orders you to obey the law and often pay damages.

I really liked the last Zach Braff movie so I may have to go see Last Kiss.

John McCain and the GOP punks the DC Democrats as many have predicted he would. Bush gets to stand up for protecting Americans, McCain gets to show a smidge of a hair of respect for the Constitution, DC Dems make Democrats look bad by doing nothing.

Meeting the Bony Woman - a story of Mexico.

On CJR Journalism Professors and Students trying to be journalists - they don't know their ignorance and get as bad as the SCLM. Should journalism students be required to take a class in statistics and one in economics? Update 1. Update 2. The related inequality debate. Update 3. Rising inequality is a good issue for Democrats, as Krugman makes clear, because it is not a function of education.

I need a few slugs from the Whiskey Bar: Are the Iranians taking the Cheney threat seriously? Chatter about a nuclear strike rises in Washington. The WP equates military dictatorship supporters with "democracy activists." Orwellisms Day. Alligators swimming in the Artic soon. Traumatic brain injuries at a distance.

CIA-Blackwater now joined at the hip.

If the Democrats take Congress....

Cable viewers outnumber regular broadcast viewers 2-1 this summer.

Jr. College students eager but unready. 73 percent of students entering community colleges hoped to earn four-year degrees, but that only 22 percent had done so after six years. Only 21 percent of students applying to four-year institutions are ready for college-level work in all four areas tested: reading, writing, math and biology. Many of those deficient go to junior college.

How closely linked are Rapturists and the desire for war? How different are warhawks eager to see Jesus's return compared to suicide bombers eager for their virgins in Heaven? Chickenhawk poster boys and authoritarian followers.

Bush's “Strategy for Victory” is MIA.

Bankruptcy bill victims - National Guard soldiers in Iraq. Rising anger of pundits in Washington and New York is terror at the public tidal wave about to crash their hall of mirrors.

Krugman - The big disconnect. Insurance Horror stories - why has the number of Americans with insurance dropped 1% while company employees have increased 32%? Possibly to find more ways to keep unhealthy people out. Progress or Regress? - Since 1973, however, real median household income less than 0.5% a year. The typical full-time male worker saw his wages, adjusted for inflation, actually fall; the typical median household’s real income was up only because more women were working.

11 of America's worst places to try to cast a ballot. Texas is listed three times.

The Conservative Nanny State - How the Wealthy Use the Government to Stay Rich and Get Richer, a free e-book from a Washington economist.

Dwindling Home Equity Threatens Growth. My comments: Economy looks weak with low income growth, falling housing starts, declining home values, rising debt, rising bankruptcies, rising mortgage rates, rising health costs, and declining homeowner's equity. To balance that Bush has lowered the price of gas in time for the election.

"The fact that about half of the ballot boxes in Mexico’s residential election have “adding up” problems is enough to warrant a full recount - PDF. The evidence from the most recent partial recount, insofar as it is known, provides further reason to do a full recount."

The recent stagnation deniers debate and here.

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