Thursday, September 14, 2006

Not many people know that Ann had Glen Maxey's balls

This was found while looking at the roundup of Texas state progressive politics bloggers. Read the story about how she got them and how she gave them back.

Other stories include one step forward for Kinky - marijuana, and two steps back - pandering to religious right in first TV commercial and on abortion; and some people say he isn't a politician. Should workers have to compete with prisoners? Should the middle and lower class be crushed in Texas for the benefit of the new plantation owners?

From Burnt Orange: Kinky Friedman's campaign continues its turn rightward, as Friedman's spokesperson Laura Stromberg attacks Representative Sefronia Thompson and claims that Katrina evacuees are responsible for Houston's increase in violent crime over the past year:
"[T]he truth is [Thompson's] city has seen a 20 percent increase in violent crimes. Why isn't that the issue?" [said Stromberg].
Probably because that's not actually the truth. Houston has seen a 2.4 percent increase in violent crime over the past year, which incidentally is nearly identical to the rise in the violent crime rate nationwide.

How the news media is helping Perry and burying Chris Bell.

Sekula-Gibbs taps into tainted contractor PBS&J's money.

Lefty blogs have another version of the Texas round-up that isn't exclusively about Texas politics. It also will include some Texas politics stories the other feed misses. Here is one on the companies that are supporting Texas radio hate speech. I am concerned about the air pollution by these loud mouth haters on AM 950 that has been occurring for 20 years or so but also about KTRH's drift right with San Antonio Joe Pags which just started.

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