Monday, September 11, 2006

On 9/11 what did you do?

I bet you didn't get a good chuckle in bed out of the attacks like the leader and first lady of the free world did.

I could waste a post about my memories of that day and some after effects but not today. Let us remember the leader of the free world and what he did that day. Cheney was down in the basement trying to get them to shoot down a passenger jet that had already crashed. The Vice President doesn't have that authority but we know he is not really the VP.

The guy with the title, Bush, for seven long minutes after being told America was under attack watched little kids read My Pet Goat. Some of the kids now say it looked like he was going to cry or that he had to go to the bathroom. Then Bush was flown all around the country to different hiding places. Finally getting back in the evening to sleep in his own comfy bed and have a good chuckle.

I cannot imagine any administration who could have handled being in office at this time worse than Bush/Cheney have. Paris ran large headlines right after 9/11 saying we are all Americans today. Iran had pro-American demonstrations. There was never a disaster that brought more worldwide sympathy and support for America. And Bush/Cheney squandered and wasted it in lies and turned world solidarity to hatred.

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