Thursday, September 07, 2006

Through Our Enemies' Eyes - Early Warning

I am not sure this is a good post by William Arkin, the WP National and Homeland Security blogger. He is trying to articulate the hypocrisy and political rhetoric that is behind the administration's Iraq policy but that is not fully made clear. He is correct that our actions need to be evaluated as they will be seen through Arab eyes, which the administration officials are unable to do. Authoritarian personalities are unable to put themselves in another's place.

For another example of his writing see this on nuclear armed terrorists.


Anonymous said...

The only possible way that someone with the negative outlook on standing and fighting and simoultaneously allegedly defending your country would be that you are in league with Al Queda and as did Benedict Arnold A Tory Royalist Who Spied On our forces and betrayed our soldiers And Are planning our defeat else you control Al Queda Yourself .

Gary said...

No, I do not control al Qaeda in this country. Are you sure Bush doesn't?

Bush has done everything Osama wanted, Osama was trained by Republicans under Reagan, and the Bush family continues in business with the bin Ladin family.