Thursday, September 14, 2006

UPDATED - Clear Lake Perry Puts $5 Million in Anti-Democratic Commercials

The more dangerous bastard Perry is now funding a Swift Boat campaign against all Democrats. He even gets a tax break for this as these are supposedly educational ads not concerned with politics.

Can we in Texas elect David Van Os and throw Perry in jail for abusing charitable foundations for political purposes?

What else does millions of dollars in charitable giving buy? Smearing robo-push polls. Regular campaign donations cannot be taken off your income taxes but until someone prosecutes - these can.


Matt said...

You seem to me making a big deal about the tax deductibility, more so than I think is warranted. It's not like the guy's making money by making these contributions.

Gary said...

It is a big deal because political expenditures are not tax deductable.

If you give money to candidates or political campaigns it is not supposed to be something you can write-off.

It is a system that has become incredibly corrupt.

"It's not like the guy's making money by making these contributions."

In fact, Perry is deciding instead of paying taxes to use the money that is supposed to go for taxes to fund people who will help reduce his taxes and business expenses. He spent millions in contributions to state politicians reducing his companany's business expenses through the state legislature.

The 527 lies on how it uses the money, Perry lets other people pay the taxes he owes, he gets to write off his contributions and other people who support candidates don't, and the campaigns Perry's 527 runs are full of lies.