Monday, September 18, 2006

Where is Riverbend?

It has been six weeks since her last post. She is not a frequent poster but this is the longest silence yet. She was the voice of educated Iraq, strongly opposed to Saddam and welcoming the Americans - at first.

A few other English speaking Iraq bloggers joined Riverbend. Some like her wanting a liberal Democratic Iraq and some that appeared to be paid by American intelligence officials. Of the later, Iraq, The Model is the most prominent. Originally three brothers who were pro-American businessmen, one went into politics and one left implying he no longer agreed with their posts. It remains as an odd voice of the neo-con GOP in Iraq, seemingly operating out of the Green Zone and with little connection to Iraqi Baghdad..

As the occupation wore on and Riverbend described the new life under an American occupation and the rise of religious fanatics, she finally said simply "Americans, go home. You wrecked my country but your presence isn't helping and is making things worse." Her blog has run major awards and been collected in book form. Her last depressing post was on the changes a woman must make in living in Iraq today under fundamentalism and the dangers of simply living in Baghdad. It seemed to end with the consideration that perhaps her family should join thousands of others and flee Baghdad.

Stay safe and Godspeed Riverbend. Get lots of money upfront Iraq, The Model and watch your back.


kalimba said...

I'm worried about Riverbend. And I miss her posts.

Allen said...

I too am becoming converned about Riverbend. It's been too long since her last post on August 5. We're going on two months without a post. That's long even for her.

I hope she's okay.