Friday, September 01, 2006

WP Editor Fred Hiatt smearing Ambassador Wilson again

A major cheerleader for the Iraq war and President Bush continues his defense of the indefensible. Refusing to acknowledge the orchestrated plan, revealed in his own paper, by the White House to smear Wilson it continues the smears at this late date.
Despite this disturbing record of the Post’s credulity (if not outright dishonesty), Hiatt has published yet another editorial concentrating his ugliest attacks not against the administration for misleading the nation to war or against the failure of officials (like Powell) to express their misgivings in a timely fashion, but against Joe Wilson.

....Hiatt also is absolving the White House, Novak and implicitly himself (since he published Novak’s column revealing Plame’s identity) from responsibility for protecting the identity of an undercover CIA officer and her spy network. Plame’s operation was then focused on Iran’s WMD programs including its alleged nuclear ambitions.
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