Sunday, February 01, 2009

Pajamas Media cuts the whine pack loose

Pajamas Media blows through millions in start-up funding, announces it will no longer pay its stable of conservative whining bloggers. It will continue to explore ways of making money at this tube thingy, with its latest experiment being video uploads of fear, hate and whines. Paying the bloggers was always charity, their thoughts weren't worth two cents.

Too bad about the Bush economy implosion and all but this really couldn't happen to a more deserving group of ignorant, stuck up, quasi-libertarians and pundit wannabees.

James Wolcott savors the Schadenfreude.

Really, rich people are sponsoring idiots for reasons that are unrelated to the health of their business but for ideological reasons. CNN and Glen Beck is a good example. Glen is an idiot who cost them money. He fails upward into a new position for better pay and Headline News ratings improve after his vastly overpaid buffoonery departs. Glen is an example of an amiable buffoon who can make the right wing talking points seem to appeal to the common man. At least, that was my theory. Every few years another young guy like this is promoted because people tire of the same old same old being peddled by the same old radio and TV clowns and a young face might sell the product - recycled conservative ideas.

If you have watched a White House press conference recently you will see a full rebuttal of the lie of the press being a "liberal" media. The eight years of fluff questions answered by generalities are gone, replaced by hard digs at the White House getting factual responses. There has been no comment in the so-called-liberal-media about the change or on most blogs but Media Matters also noticed. I have a friend who was charitable and said the Washington Press Corps wouldn't ask the Bush White House tough questions because they knew they would be answered by ignorance and lies and fluff anyway. Now that intelligent grown-ups have returned they expect detailed intelligent answers.

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