Monday, February 02, 2009

SCLM - LA Times edition

The LA Times gets punked by the CIA into writing a cover story that Obama is keeping Bush techniques for dealing with terrorists - and is too ignorant to know the difference between rendition and extraordinary rendition and then has a hit piece on the VP's wife claiming that just because she has a doctorate she is "slightly pompous" for using the title "Dr.".  WTF???

The "unnamed sources" from the CIA are leaking a variety of stories to create the impression that Obama equals Bush in terms of what standards of decency he will violate. The so-called-liberal-media is playing along. The "Dr. Biden" story is just ignorant gossip from the empty chattering clique.

I expect this same-old same-old from the Washington Post, whose editorial pages is predominately hard right like the Wall Street Journal, but this cross-country CIA coordination puts us back to the Clinton era when they discredited for years a true story of the contras smuggling crack into the United States with CIA help.

They must really be scared of a new Church Committee and the end of torture.

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