Saturday, February 21, 2009

Why Jim Treacher is not Hermann Goering

I have been inspired by Jim Treacher's list of why Obama is not a murderous chimp.

He really isn't Hermann Goering!!!!

10. Jim Treacher is not moldering in the grave.

9. Hermann Goering did not cause the financial crisis borrowing money to buy a porn video. *

8. Hermann Goering did not propagandize in his pajamas. *

7. Jim Treacher is not known to be a violent morphine addict.

6. Hermann Goering did not publicly call his country's leader a jerk. *

5. A psychiatrist's report claimed Goering to be weak of character, a hysteric and unstable personality, sentimental yet callous, violent when afraid and a person who deployed bravado to hide a basic lack of moral courage while Treacher is not known to have seen a psychiatrist.

4. Hermann Goering didn't believe that the election of country's leader meant the people wouldn't need porta-potties as they cast off their earthly bodies. *

3. Hermann Goering didn't advocate that comparisons of a black president to a murderous chimpanzee shouldn't be construed as racist. *

2. Hermann Goering didn't argue that people calling in to complain about comments critical of candidates was not free speech but was a suppression of free speech. *

1. Jim Treacher has not written official government documents organizing the "final solution" to opponents of his political philosophy.

* These statements about Jim Treacher's arguments and actions can be found with a Google search. The more you know....


Your pal said...

Who needs a grave? I can molder just fine as it is.

Charles said...

Is this supposed to be comedy?

Ella said...

This is funny.

Although, in response to #3, people were comparing Bush to a chimp and it wasn't racist. (Obviously.) Since people the people who actually wrote the spending bill were Pelosi and Reid and a caucus of white Democrats, I don't think the cartoon was racist. Sometimes a chimp joke is just a joke about a murderous rampaging chimp that looks like a responsible version of Congress.

Still, you have convinced me that Jim Treacher is somewhat different than Goering, but not in anyway that matters. So there's that. :)

Anonymous said...

"10. Jim Treacher is not moldering in the grave."

Uuuh, neither is Goering. He has no grave to moulder in. His ashes were scattered in secret.

I guess you really are a lemming liberal. Check your history before running off at the keyboard, dude!

-- no, not THAT Glenn

Anonymous said...

3. Hermann Goering didn't advocate that comparisons of a black president to a murderous chimpanzee shouldn't be construed as racist. *

Gosh, who wrote the porkulus bill? Could it be: Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, and a number of House and Senate committee chairpeople, none of them named "Barak Obama"? Why yes, it could!

So, are you just so pitifully ignorant that you didn't know that? Or so pathetically dishonest that you lied about it anyway, in order to attempt to make a joke?

For that matter, if we look through your archives, will we find you criticizing left wingers who called President Bush a chimp? No? Then you don't get to whine if someone compares President Obama to a chimp.

As a typical left wing racist pig, you're welcome to believe that what you can say about people is determined by their skin color. As a non-racist, I don't care what their skin color is. So understand that your whining about this shows you to be a racist, as well as ignorant or dishonest.

Gary said...

The cartoon didn't have a gang of chimps. It had one chimp. Who would that be?

Somehow, "Treacher's ashes aren't blowing in the wind" was the wrong metaphor.

Anonymous said...

"The cartoon didn't have a gang of chimps. It had one chimp. Who would that be?"

That would be the proverbial monkey who could have written something ridiculous. Sometimes known as the proverbial monkeys who, with enough time, could write Shakespeare. You've got to twist it pretty hard to make it look like it was a deliberate attack on Obama. However, considering the attacks that blacks have suffered that kind of paranoia is understandable. It's not so understandable from you though. Do you people have ANY idea how much of yourself you project upon us poor conservatives? I'd be ashamed of myself if I thought as little of African Americans' ability to excel as you people do.