Thursday, February 19, 2009

This is getting beyond words

Which is the leading candidate for ignorant, stupid, blinded idealogue of the right this week?

Ace of Spades who tries to downplay that some neocon former liberal was beaten up by genuine Nazi's in Syria?

This Fox News interviewer who gets his facts wrong and blames and condescends toward the union supporter mayor trying to correct him? Beyond words.

Republican politicians ready with the new GOP talking point: blame George Soros for the bad economy, Bush's Tax cuts worked!

George Wills, another of the many so-called-liberals at the Washington Post, gets his new column run without having to issue factual climate change corrections for his last one.

Utah State Senator Chris Buttars who believes homosexuality is the greatest threat facing Americans in these troubled times.

Irrational Right blogger Jim Treacher comparing Obama to Travis the murderous chimp.

There is still more of the week to go but I am out of here.


Chino Blanco said...

You know it's bad when even Utah's Fox13 is calling Buttars out as a liar:

jim treacher said...

"Comparing"? They're nothing alike!

Anonymous said...

check out this great political blog

LazySusan said...

Oh good gracious I can't believe the idiocy sometimes. This is why progressives need to keep vigilant, keep laying pressure on Obama from the left because he is getting so much crappy bs pressure from the right. There's a great video on this site for the book Thinking Big that makes the same point - now is the time for us to do our part to keep Obama on track and away from the influence of nutjobs like those.