Saturday, October 22, 2005

Texas politics takes a big step forward

The People's Republic of Seabrook:
Yesterday’s court proceeding in Austin, while a mere formality in what should prove to be a lengthy process, was nonetheless tremendously satisfying. After watching Tom DeLay act for the past 20 years as if the law is something that applies to other, lesser mortals, the Hammer is beginning to learn that karma can be a real bitch. Of course, DeLay, being the egomaniacal despot that he is, is hardly a man capable of admitting that he may in fact have stepped over the line. Accountability is, again, for other, lesser mortals.
DeLay’s tactics seem typical of someone used to getting his way without being held accountable. Despite the fact that 12 of the 15 indictments brought by Travis County DA Ronnie Earle have been against Democrats, DeLay has decided to attack his indictment as a political “witch hunt”. In addition, he’s now accusing the judge assigned to hear his case of being a partisan Democrat. Apparently, Judge Bob Perkins has donated to, and that alone makes him, to DeLay’s twisted way of thinking, unfit to preside over his trial. Right; so unless the judge is a highly partisan, Red Meat Conservative, then DeLay feels he cannot get a fair trial? God, I cannot WAIT until DeLay becomes someone’s girlfriend.

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