Friday, June 06, 2008

Best Laid Plans

I get to Austin and check into my suite and purchase the wireless access for $4.99. I try to sign on the Extended Stay hotel's network and I get green lights on my external LAN card but the PC is not recognizing there is anything there. I take out the LAN card and it falls apart exposing the circuitry. It has actually done that before. When I plug it back in no green lights. The LAN card is finally completely dead.

A nice friendly attractive fellow blogger in the media room is allowing me to post this.

In other news at the convention, Populist Democrat and former candidate for Supreme Court and Attorney General David Van Os was drafted in the last few days as candidate for Democratic State Party Chair.

Boyd Richie, current state chair and candidate for reelection, in a recent interview with Burnt Orange Report had stated that he did not plan for the state party to devote any resources to the national ticket but concentrate on taking the Texas House back for the Democrats. This is strongly opposed by Van Os and the Texas Progressive Populists who believe in full strong support for all candidates. Richie also implies that the state wide candidates, including U.S. Senate candidate Rick Noriega, are on their own.

I will post more if I am able but plan on doing a long wrap up at the end of the convention.

One last thing, for national or even local political news you have access to much more information than I do in the belly of the beast

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