Monday, June 02, 2008

Getting Ready For the Texas Democratic Convention

1. Rechecked the location of my hotel which is just over five miles away from the Convention.

2. Looked at bus schedules. It appears the best plan to avoid the parking mess is for me to park at Highland Mall and take Bus routes 7 and 27 to and from the convention and nearby parties. It is only $0.50, is environmentally friendly and runs till past 10 PM. That is a little early to be leaving some parties but I could also get a ride or a taxi. I could walk to my hotel from Highland Mall but am not sure from Google Maps of a way to safely cross the freeway.

3. This Wednesday is another Senate District 11 meeting in South Pasadena, conflicting with the Alex Jones Endgame movie showing in Clear Lake. Check for any final gossip. Find out if anyone else is thinking of busing from Highland Mall or is available to share a ride if something runs late.

4. Leave Thursday and check into hotel. Park at Highland Mall and go to Blogger's bash early and leave by 10 PM unless I get a ride back to Highland Mall. There are also competing Hillary and Obama parties as well as some candidate parties. There are more parties, like one from Time Warner Cable trying to pry me and others with booze and music to agree to their plan for world conquest. Sorry, it takes dames, I have my standards.

5. Looking at Convention caucus and training schedule. Not sure what ones to attend yet. All are likely to be packed as there are too few for the number of attendees. In any case, arrive early and get credentials. Revised, arrive very early - there will be horrendous lines. As boadicea says Bring you patience, your common sense, and all your mad organizing skilz.

6 Attend caucuses and training, check out blogger's room. Tentatively - blog about what is going on.

7. Our SD-11 caucus is at 3:00 PM. There was some discussion for an earlier meeting at 2 or 2:30 but no firm plans yet but before 3 PM I'll be at Level 4, 12 A-B.

8. At 6 PM the floor of the Convention inaction begins. You can tell I've been to these things before. I may be in the credentials committee immediately after the district election and for the rest of the day. The permanent credentials committee debates and ratifies the actions of the temporary credentials committee and and hears any new problems.

9. Saturday June 7 - wake up early, catch bus to check in. There are committee meetings until 11 AM. At 11 more floor action starts if all credentials have been approved or will start anyway and do other things while more challenges are heard. To kill time between elections and speeches some resolutions are voted on. Prediction, this floor meeting will run late. It is past time for the State Meeting to have a Sunday session.

The only flaw in this plan is the bus schedule. It may make sense just to arrive hours early and park to have my own vehicle in the evening. Another possibility is just plan on taking a taxi to the hotel or Highland Mall. The distance is short.

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