Thursday, June 12, 2008

SD-11 News from Brazoria County

Pearland's Elizabeth McLane is featured in a Journal article about Democrats in Austin and my selection for Obama delegate Dr. Melanie Lawson has a photo. Pearland Journal - Natalie Toretinos:
As an instructor of government at Wharton County Junior College and teacher of political science at several other colleges, McLane was well prepared to take on the issues affecting the county. She also worked as precinct judge and precinct chair in the primaries, later sitting on senate district nominations and credentials committees.

“There hasn’t been a race for since 1968 with Robert Kennedy that I was interested in,” she said, crediting her newfound interest to Obama’s campaign. “I started out as an Edwards person but switched to Obama in January. But when you’re over 50 and a white female, everyone and anyone expects you to be for Hillary. If anything kept me from endorsing her, it was the Iraq War.”

If McLane learned anything from this year’s primary and the throngs of new voters who came out to participate in the political process, it was to “put her ego at the door” and work with both factions of the party, and to always have a backup plan.

“I was precinct chair and election judge for Precinct 36. We had 600 people in the parking lot. There were kids, students of mine, people in the military, any demographic you could think of.”

While McLane’s efforts in the resolutions committee involved several issues, Pearland resident and Clinton delegate Jackie Acquistapace focused on one resolution that passed unanimously when presented to the rules committee.

Acquistapace, who has been mobility impaired for 33 years, and other disabled delegates advocated for two State Democratic Executive Committee seats that will address the needs of people with disabilities.
Elizabeth McLane should be joining this blog shortly along with others. I am working on getting one or more of our delegates to the National Convention in Denver to start blogging here. Alexander Karjacker may not realize it yet but it was my switching to his candidacy that prevented a tie in the male Obama delegate race. (They were both very good candidates. I switched my vote to Alex on the second round instead of staying with the other runoff candidate.)

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A speaker at the convention, former Senate candidate Barbara Ann Radnofsky: In 2008, a Democratic straight ticket vote, more so than any other year, will restore the rule of law of Texas.

I should make note of another blogger from SD-11, Justin at AAA-Fund, who I saw blogging the convention. John Coby had some convention posts and has invited Muse to his blog.

Perry had a working PC at the convention and posted some nice pictures. Another working PC was at jobsanger - which I have on my blogroll but hadn't realized should be called Job's Anger. Also saw another new blog - Mean Rachel.

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Elizabeth McLane said...

A tip of the hat, Gary. Let me know how to best blog--Pearland/Brazoria Co. news, SD 11 or what.

I'm an Austin native if that helps.