Monday, June 16, 2008

The Great Debates of the Moment

For whom does the Constitution apply? Did the Supreme Court make “one of the worst decisions in the history of this country” as McCain says, or did it simply reaffirm one of our oldest traditions? McCain is a scary marker for the future of our democracy. Were the four dissenters faces of fascism and confirmation that Chief Justice Roberts was simply its most attractive face for Bush to nominate? Debate on the right between "kill them all" or we are "supposed to be the good guys."

How liberal is Obama? His economic advisor is center left and not progressive. Is it a mistake to call Obama neo-liberal, i.e. - militarism, mostly laissez faire and supply side economics, with social liberalism? How much would an Obama election shift the debate left, or are liberals reaching for the moon? Should we beware of the Chicago boys, as Naomi Klein warns?

Marriage for whom? Is gay marriage a glorious recognition of love or a Godless perversion that should be stomped out? Is this the right approach for those supporting gay rights?

Will America elect a black man as president? Democrats are nervous, should they be?

Can someone who supported Hillary Clinton actually vote for the misogynist and anti-women's issues McCain? Half Empty has the latest incident as does Susan, with video.

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