Friday, June 13, 2008

Fox News will keep finding ways to remind its viewers that the Obamas are black

What John Scalzi says.

John Scalzi is a great SF writer who more often blogs about bad classic SF movies.

Let's continue with national political news. - It's shocking how many people still think Senator John McCain's positions are "moderate" when it comes to reproductive health care and rights, when the opposite is true - educational video from Planned Parenthood

When it comes to war... America means business. War, Inc. The first brilliant Iraq film.

Sigh, Tim Russert unexpectedly dies at 58. Years ago, I would have said this was a great loss to journalism. Sometime over the last two decades all the mainstream media shifted right and even attack dogs like the early Russert became tame around Republicans. Condolences to his family. The Daily Howler is giving a planned rake of Russert a rest. John Cole - Let's Get Something Straight about Tim.

McCain lies about his support for Social Security privatization - with video.

"I'm proud to be an American, where at least I know I'm free. I'm proud to hold the knife, that cuts you where you pee..." It looks like they need to update those lyrics. USA Today - photographic evidence of US torture.

Krugman - Bad Cow Disease- lets go back eighty years for the FDA.

McCain on Gitmo Ruling: “One of the Worst Decisions in the History of This Country.” LATimes Gitmo an epic failure. Froomkin - President Bush's slow and painful schooling in constitutional law continues.

Elsewhere in the WashPo
Some Republican lawmakers contend that the Bush administration also has itself to blame. Sen. Arlen Specter (Pa.), the ranking Republican on the Judiciary Committee, said the limited information made public so far about the detainees' cases has been unconvincing.

"I think that while there are still tremendous concerns about a terrorist threat, the administration has not made its case that the people in Guantanamo really are threats," he said in an interview.
Oil, it's what for Grand Oil Party government. Less than five hours after stepping down as Texas Secretary of State Phil Wilson has re-emerged as a senior vice president for Luminant, the wholesale subsidiary of Energy Future Holdings.

Latest Houston conspiracy theory - Mossad planning attack on Galveston Bay port to trigger Iran attack.

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