Sunday, December 03, 2006

Conservative blogger pajamahadeen declares latest jihad on AP

I am getting annoyed that the most worthwhile things to write about are the continued absurdities of the right-wing bloggers and their media cohort.

The AP reported on an atrocity - Shiite militia attacked a Sunni mosque and burned alive six people. The Shiite run Iraqi Interior Ministry denied that it happened. The US military in Baghdad questioned the story and its source. The AP went back and resourced and expanded its witness list for the story and reconfirmed it. The Iraqi Interior Ministry denied it again and said it would adopt new rules against journalists spreading falsehoods. Our right-wingnuts orgasm with joy and get a conservative pundit in right-wing fish-wrap to denounce the AP.

NYT blog on the story.

It comes down to who you believe. The AP has interviewed this police officer in his uniform in a police station numerous times and the Iraqi Ministry and the Green Zone military PR people say he either doesn't exist or lately that he isn't authorized to speak to the press.

The most authoritative credulous blogger.

The Shiite Iraqi ministries do not want bad PR and will kill anyone who supplies it. The AP just wants to get a story. The right-wingnuts just want their bigoted paranoid reality lacking worldview supported and to beat up on the press and any liberals.

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